Coinsrace is a

multi-game and
entertainment hub

Coinsrace is a multi-game and entertainment hub, where you can play several games, or select a favourite. The hub also offers you music entertainment , where you can play your favourite artists, or upload your own music and videos.

Coinsrace has an in-platform token payment system, called MegaDollars. Coinsrace accepts ELT and other major currencies to buy MegaDollars. However, each game on the hub has different payment rules, so please check the currency rules in the game/s of your choice. Players can also use their debit/credit card to top up their account.

Learn more about coinsrace games

The Coinsrace hub has 4 games, plus an entertainment channel. Here is a brief overview of each one:


Bustawin is a real-time, multiplayer game. Players place their bets at the beginning of each round. You’ll see that as the round progresses, the multiplier grows, and the aim is to cash out before the graph crashes. In some of the game rounds (when it goes over 50 x multiplier), trigger a jackpot round, which gives all players a chance to win a jackpot. . It’s a gaming rollercoaster- but it can make you millions!


Test your backgammon skills against multiple players online to see if you can become the ‘Dicemaster’. Roll the dice win a Big Prize Pot!


The crypto price prediction game where you look at a list of 15 cryptocurrencies and predict whether or not each of them will go up or down over the next hour, a few hours, or a week. Players can also try their skill at StockPix, which is the same game, but based on a selection of the stock markets’ blue chip companies. Players gain points for the winning predictions, and each week, the player with the most points is the winner!


It’s an exciting auction game that tests your bidding skills and where the highest unique bid wins! It is not like an auction where you have to keep bidding higher to win. Instead, it is about having the highest unique bid at the end. Use your BTC, ETH or ELT to win bitcoin and other big prizes


Enjoy some free entertainment while you play games on Coinsrace. You can listen to your favourite artists and watch videos. Even more exciting, you can upload your own music and videos. You can watch and listen the content streamed to a device at home, or on the go via your phone.